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Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, with caption: Where does your garbage go?

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The new MIRA website is under construction. We appreciate your patience as we complete this process.

Once completed, new MIRA information will be available at www.ctmira.org.


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On June 6, 2014, Governor Malloy signed Public Act 14-94, which establishes the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (“MIRA”) as the successor authority to the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (“CRRA”).  Pursuant to this new legislation, MIRA will continue to provide solid waste materials management services, with a focus on the development of additional resource recovery, recycling, and processing enterprises on property owned by the Authority and the attendant redevelopment of the Connecticut Solid Waste System.

The evolution of CRRA into MIRA will not disrupt any of the Authority’s business or business relationships.  As specified in Public act 14-94, MIRA has assumed the rights and responsibilities of CRRA in accordance with Section 4-38d of the Connecticut General Statutes, which addresses the transfer of functions, powers and duties from a department, institution, agency or authority to a successor in a manner which assures continuity.   Section 4-38d essentially provides that MIRA replaced CRRA as of the effective date of the legislation, and that

  1. All orders or regulations of CRRA remain in full force and effect as orders or regulations of MIRA;
  2. MIRA is substituted for CRRA in any outstanding legal proceedings;
  3. Contracts, rights of action or matters undertaken or commenced by CRRA will now be undertaken and completed by MIRA under the same terms and conditions;
  4. The officers and employees of CRRA are the officers and employees of MIRA; and
  5. All property of CRRA is the property of MIRA.

What this means for CRRA’s municipal and private customers, contractors, vendors, service providers and employees is that you are now a stakeholder in MIRA in the same way you were a stakeholder in CRRA.  MIRA will be conducting an ongoing review of how these relationships are memorialized and will be following up as necessary with any specifically required notices and documents.  In the meantime, please call me if you have any questions or require specific documentation to continue your existing business relationship under the governance of MIRA.  Until notified otherwise, MIRA’s business address, contact persons, phone numbers and email addresses are the same as previously used by CRRA.  


Thomas D. Kirk
President and CEO


For information about environmental and recycling educational programs through the Trash Museum in Hartford

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