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Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority


This crra.org website is no longer active, but is being maintained as a historical record for the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (“CRRA”). 

On June 6, 2014, Public Act 14-94 established the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (“MIRA”) as the successor authority to CRRA. As of this date, MIRA assumed control of all of CRRA’s assets, rights, duties and obligations.

For new information about MIRA, go to www.ctmira.org


CRRA has been teaching the people of Connecticut and the world about sustainability since 1993. We were "green" before being "green" was cool.

Want to see where your garbage and recyclables go? Visit the CRRA Trash Museum in Hartford to explore ways you, your families and classrooms can help reduce garbage.

Join over 50,000 children and adults who visit each year to learn how reducing, re-using and recycling our trash can impact the waste stream, conserve energy and natural resources and protect the environment.

Through hands-on exhibits, interactive activities and award winning educational programs, students of all ages discover that they hold the key to protecting their environment just by thinking before throwing something in the trash.

**The MIRA Trash Museum family/friends event scheduled for April 25, 2015 is full. Please call the Museum at 860-757-7765 to schedule a tour for another day!

Museum is normally open to public visitors on Wednesday through Friday, 12 noon to 4 p.m. For additional days and hours for tours, please call 860-757-7765 for information. to top

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