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Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority


CRRA's award-winning education center, the CRRA Trash Museum in Hartford, offers unique exhibits and programs on the many challenges and solutions of waste management. It also has a viewing area where visitors can observe the working regional recycling center.

The general public can visit without appointment during the public hours. Educator-led group tours are available through pre-registration for groups of five or more.Activity Kits, books, and videos are also available to borrow.  In order to close the recycling loop, there's also a gift shop with Trash Museum-branded merchandise and items made with recycled or reused content.

Effective July 1, 2011,, admission at the CRRA Trash Museum is $4 per person (free for under ages 2 years).

The Trash Museum is handicapped accessible.

Contributions to the Trash Museum are tax-deductible.

The CRRA Trash Museum, located in Hartford, continues to operate. Click here for contact information.

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