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Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority
May 31, 2013

Recycle Old or Obsolete Electronic Devices with CRRA

State's Recycling Leader to Hold Collection June 29 at Litchfield High School

The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority,Connecticut’s recycling leader, will offer another electronics recycling collection at Litchfield High School, 14 Plumb Hill Road, Litchfield, on Saturday, June 29, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Since CRRA began its electronics recycling program in 1999, more than 53,000 families have recycled more than 6.4 million pounds of electronics. CRRA contracts with RMG Enterprise, a Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection-approved electronics recycler. RMG ensures that sensitive data is removed from devices before they are recycled, then dismantles items into raw materials, such as copper, steel, aluminum, glass and plastic, and sells these materials to firms who turn them into new products.

These collections are open only to residents of towns that participate in CRRA’s Connecticut Solid Waste System. Residents of other communities who want to recycle their electronics should call their local public works departments or electronics retailers or check with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection for other recycling opportunities.

Electronics from businesses will be turned away.

Additional collections may be scheduled. The complete schedule is always available at http://www.crra.org/pages/schedule_electronics.htm.

The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority is a quasi-public agency whose mission is to work for – and in – the best interests of the municipalities of the state of Connecticut. CRRA’s board of directors and management team develop and implement environmentally sound solutions and best practices for solid waste disposal and recycling management on behalf of municipalities. CRRA serves 75 Connecticut cities and towns. CRRA also runs award-winning sustainability education programs through the CRRA Trash Museum in Hartford. For more information about CRRA and its activities, visit http://www.crra.org. Computer users can also discuss CRRA on its blog, http://crra-blog.blogspot.com, and follow CRRA on Twitter @CRRA.


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